Melbourne Cambridge Exam Centre: Attending the Examination

Attending the Examination

  • It is the candidate’s responsibility to attend all parts of the exam. Failure to take all sections will result in a ‘Fail’.
  • Students should arrive 30 minutes early for every examination.
  • Students arriving late for any written or listening exams will not be admittedand no refunds will be made in such circumstances.
  • Students arriving late for a Speaking exam may be offered an alternative time, where possible, however, this is not guaranteed by Melbourne Cambridge Examination Centre.
  • Candidates need to bring required documents with them to every part of the examination. MCEC will only accept passports or Australian government issued identification. If the candidate is not of possession of the required proof of identity, it is the candidate’s responsibility to contact MCEC before the date of the exam(s). Failure to do so may result in the candidate not being allowed entry which will result in a ‘Fail’ grade. The CoE will contain information on what documents to bring.
  • Candidates may need to bring a pen/pencil to certain parts of the examination. The CoE will contain information on what materials to bring.
  • Candidates agree to comply with all exam day regulations set out by IEC. These regulations will be sent out to each candidate with the CoE. If no CoE and Exam Day Regulations form have been received, the candidate must contact IEC. It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure receipt of these documents.

Dates for the written and listening tests are set by Cambridge ESOL in the UK; they are final and cannot be altered. The speaking tests will generally be held during the two weeks before the written papers, so candidates must be available at that time. Candidates, who do not attend part of the exam, will be marked as absent. All parts of the exam must be taken in order to receive an exam grade. Part results are not issued.

Exam Venue

This may alter depending on the number of candidates sitting for each exam. Applicants and Colleges will be notified of venue details when timetables are sent out approximately three week prior to the Speaking Exams.

All examinations organised by MCEC will take place in Melbourne. All venues will be in walking distance of public transport. Incase of multiple venues, candidates cannot choose the venue as they will be allocated by MCEC. MCEC does not provide parking for candidates at any of its venues. You will need to take into consideration the availability and cost of parking in nearby areas. It is the candidate’s responsibility to look up the location of the venue and plan their journey well in advance to avoid last-minute problems.

The Written Papers and the Speaking Exam may not be held at the same venue.

Test Day Photographs

All Cambridge ESOL examination candidates must have their photograph taken on exam day, as per Cambridge ESOL regulations.

Registration for Cambridge ESOL examination constitutes the candidate’s consent to a test day photograph. Candidates who do not comply with the regulation on the day, will not be allowed to sit for any part of the exam, and will not receive any refund of their exam fee.

The photographs will be full-face, passport-style. They may be taken on any exam day, however will usually be taken on the day of the Speaking Exam.

Candidates agree for these photos to be held on a secure Cambridge ESOL Results Verification Website and that they will only be made available to organisations/individuals when consent is given by the candidate for access to verify examination results.

Candidates under the age of 18 must provide written permission from a parent or guardian to have their photograph taken and for the photograph to be accessed, withconsent, to verify exam results.