Melbourne Cambridge Exam Centre: Registration



Cambridge Examinations may be taken by people of any age, race or nationality, but are specifically designed for speakers of languages other than English. Candidates must provide photo identification on request, at every exam sitting.

Individual Candidates

Individual candidates are only enrolled for examinations only when we have confirmed receipt of registration and payment. Please send proof of payment to along with your application. Candidates must enrol for examinations by the entry closing date.

In submitting the registration form, the candidate accepts all Cambridge ESOL Summary Regulations and Notice to Candidates as well as the Melbourne Cambridge Exam Centre (MCEC) Terms and Conditions as set out here.

Note that the Individual Application Form needs the addition of TKT and will need a different dates to be added accordingly.

MCEC accepts late entries where possible, so please contact us as soon as possible if you want to register for an examination after the closing entry date. Late fees apply.

Individual application form available here.

Candidates under the age of 18 must provide written permission from a parent or guardian to enter for the exam and to have their photograph taken. Please contact MCEC for an application form.

Preparation Centres

Preparation Centres must submit their entries using an Impact block registration form (see below). Submission of entries must be made to Melbourne Cambridge Exam Centre and include proof of payment at the time of submission and by the closing entry date. A Pro-Forma Tax Invoice can be used (see below).

You will be notified via email of the number of candidate applications received and sent a receipt as confirmation of payment.

The Preparation Centre must have permission to act on behalf of candidates and ensure that all candidates are aware of and understand the Cambridge ESOL Summary Regulations and Notice to Candidates and the as well as the  Terms and Conditions set out here and comply with arrangements made by Melbourne Cambridge Exam Centre, and in submitting an application form, must sign the declaration to that end. Click here for a PDF of the Summary Regulations and Notice to Candidates and the Terms and Conditions.

Melbourne Cambridge Exam Centre - Candidate Block Entry, download form here.

Pro-Forma invoice, download form here.

Examination Fees

All fees are GST inclusive. Fees must be paid in $AUD on enrolment, and any additional bank charges must be covered by the payee. Proof of payment must be sent to Melbourne Cambridge Exam Centre before the closing date. Not registrations will be processed until payment has been received.

Closing Dates for Entry

You can find the closing entry dates here. All closing entry dates are provisional and subject to amendment.

Minimum Candidate Numbers

Melbourne Cambridge Exam Centre will only run sessions with a minimum number of candidates. Candidates will be informed within one week of the entry closing date should an exam session not be run due to insufficient entries. In such a case, candidate’s fees will be refunded in full.

Late Entries

Where spaces are available, it is still possible for candidates to apply after the closing date.

Late fee – $50 up to 21 days after closing date, $100 from 21-30 days after closing date depending on Cambridge English and available space. Must be confirmed with the Cambridge Exam Centre Manager.

No late entries will be accepted more than 30 calendar days after the published closing date. Please contact Melbourne Cambridge Exam Centre directly on (03) 9670-2840 for all late enrolments.

Multiple Enrolments

Candidates may enrol for more than one exam in one session, (for example FCE and CAE) however, it is the candidate’s responsibility to check that exams do not take place on the same day or at the same time. Contact Melbourne Cambridge Exam Centre for additional information.

It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that they have not enrolled for the same exam in the same session more than once. After the entry closing date refund for double entries cannot be made. Prior to the exam closing date, candidates may apply for a refund less a $50 administration fee. After the entry closing date no refunds can be processed. Where a candidate is entering through a Preparation Centre, they should not then make an Individual entry unless they are intending on sitting for a different examination as an independent candidate.

Cambridge Advanced (CAE) & Australian Student Visa Applications

Candidates registering for the Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) exam for the purpose of an Australian student visa application should make this known for administrative purposes at the time of registration, by ticking the relevant DIAC (Department of Immigration and Citizenship) box on the enrolment form. However, failure to do so at the time of enrolment does not preclude the use of CAE results for DIAC applications in any way.

Although it is well known that Cambridge Certificate is good for life, the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) Regulations state that an English language proficiency test score is valid for two years from the date of the test. Further information on recognition of Cambridge English: Advanced for Australian student visa purposes can be found on the Cambridge ESOL website. For more information about Australian student visas, subclasses of visa and the Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) scores required to apply for them, please visit the DIAC website.

Special Arrangements

Schools  or individuals requesting special arrangements due to permanent and/or pre-existing disabilities must contact Impact Exam Centre at least 2 weeks before the entry closing date, and supply current documentation in English (no older than 2 years) giving detailed information regarding the condition so that appropriate arrangements can be made if possible. MCEC must in turn apply to Cambridge ESOL at this time and no later.

MCEC cannot guarantee that special arrangements can be accommodated. Please contact us for details. Please be aware that applications for Special Arrangements made with Late Enrolments may not be accepted, due to the time taken for applications to be processed.

Changes to Entries

Final enrolment with Cambridge ESOL is only completed when candidate’s details have been registered and the corresponding exam fees have been received by Impact.

After final enrolment, candidates cannot:

  • change examinations (e.g. CAE to FCE or visa versa)
  • change sessions (e.g. June to December)
  • change candidates (one candidate to another)
  • change location (one Exam Centre to another)