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Cambridge B2 First (FCE) & C1 Advanced (CAE)

Get an English qualification from the University of Cambridge 

Cambridge English exams are recognised by employers, universities, and colleges around the world, and the results are valid for life. We will ensure you enter your exam feeling fully prepared with the confidence and skills to succeed.

Cambridge B2 First (FCE)


An exam preparation course for students who are able to use English at an Upper-Intermediate level. FCE covers the four main language skills with an emphasis on fluent use. In this course, you will study real-life situations that are designed to help you communicate more clearly and effectively.

  • Learn complex grammar structures 
  • Learn phrasal verbs & collocations
  • Write extended texts
  • Learn to speak confidently

Cambridge C1 Advanced (CAE)


An exam preparation course for people who can already use English at an Advanced level. Develop the language skills necessary to be confident in a range of academic or professional contexts. Master your English and achieve one of the most respected English language qualifications in the world.

  • Learn advanced grammar structures 
  • Learn natural idiomatic language & expressions
  • Write a range of extended texts for various purposes
  • Learn to speak confidently and accurately with native speakers

Entry Requirement

B2 First (FCE): Upper Intermediate+
C1 Advanced (CAE): Pre-Advanced+

Study Period

10-12 weeks per level (closed class)

Class Times

1:20PM ‐ 5:45PM

Level Completion

10 - 12 weeks

Intake Dates

2023 intake dates click here.

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Sample Timetable

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1:20PM - 2:35PM
Weekly Revision & Feedback

Topic Introduction
"A changing world"
Use of English
Word forms
Listening Skills
Identify key ideas
Reading Skills
World issues
Exam Techniques
Skimming & scanning
Grammar Focus
Reduced clauses
Part 3: Problem solving
Use of English
Part 1: Multiple choice cloze
2:45PM - 4PM
Idiomatic expressions
Speaking Skills
Writing Skills
Discourse markers
Use of English
Sentence transformation
Listening Prac.
Part 4: Multiple matching
Writing Skills
A Report
Exam Practice
4:15PM - 5:45PM
Listening Skills
Extended dialogues
Pronunciation Intonation Speaking Practice
Exam Part 2: Long turn
Adverbs of manner
Exam Review
HOMEWORK Grammar workbook Reading & writing Grammar workbook Reading & listening Writing & vocabulary

Sample times only, subject to change (times may vary by 15-30 minutes depending on the class).

Melbourne Cambridge Exam Centre (MCEC)

Impact English College is also an Internal Exam Centre offering Cambridge Exams to Impact English College students ONLY. You will study in the same building as the exam centre!