Melbourne Cambridge Exam Centre: Procedures Checklist for Schools

Procedures Checklist for Schools


• check with your students the week before the exams that the addresses held on file are correct

• advise your students of when they should expect to receive their certificate

• tell your students to advise you if they don’t receive their certificate by this time

• check carefully that the number of certificates received and the number of your successful students matches and fax/email/post back our letter

• send each certificate by registered mail to the student

• maintain a system for confirming that the student has received the certificate (Australia Post offers a ‘signed for’ service)

• inform your agents of the Cambridge regulations


• send the certificates by ordinary mail

• send the certificates to your agents unless your student has specifically requested this and is prepared to allow for the possibility of the loss of the certificate, and/or if you are not positive they can fulfil this secure despatch arrangement.

• wait for months before contacting us if you know a certificate has been lost

• give the student the option to choose the means of despatch from Australia

• file the certificates away for ‘safe keeping’

Colleges would be advised to make certain they have a clear procedure for all this, as it becomes especially complicated and costly if students do not receive their certificates. Currently an overseas registered C4 envelope is approximately AU$25 which represents a small component of the overall cost of a Cambridge program. Melbourne Cambridge Exam Centre recommends that Preparation Centres factor in these costs when setting their exam fees.