Melbourne Cambridge Exam Centre: Refund Policy

Refund Policy

  • No refunds are given once an enrolment has been made and a receipt issued.
  • A change in travel plans or a decision to withdraw on academic grounds will not be considered.
  • No refunds are given where candidates travel to the incorrect venue or arrive too late to be admitted.
  • No refunds are given where the candidates refuses the Test Day Photograph and is thereby excluded from the exam
  • No refunds where candidates are not admitted due to insufficient identification.
  • No refunds where students have been formally disqualified by Cambridge ESOL for breaches of regulations (such as cheating, use of a mobile phone or electronic device, etc.)
  • No refunds are available once any part of the exam has been taken.

In the case of withdrawal due to illness prior to any part of the exam being taken, a refund of 30% may be considered.

Notification in writing (MCEC Refund Request Form) must be made to the Melbourne Cambridge Examination Centre office immediately, and a medical certificate provided within 3 working days. All negotiations should be conducted through the Preparation Centre entering the candidate, or directly with our office in the case of private candidates.

Where no medical certificate can be provided, a refund can not be considered.

In refund request cases due to compassionate or other grounds, the same process applies, and documented proof of the reasons should be supplied for the request to be considered.

Refunds will only be made to the same person or organisation that made the payment. Should MCEC cancel an exam due to insufficient candidates numbers, a refund will be made in full.