Melbourne Cambridge Exam Centre: Timetables

Timetables - Confirmation of Enrolment

A Confirmation of enrolment (CoE) with information of exact times and venues will normally be sent to Preparation Centres and Individual candidates about three weeks before the Speaking Test, where applicable.

  • The CoE will be e-mailed to the Preparation Centre or the Individual candidate’s e-mail address on the application form. Candidates need to inform MCEC immediately if the e-mail address has changed.
  • If no CoE has been received by the dates mentioned above, please contact MCEC immediately. It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure receipt of the CoE.
  • If a candidate’s name is not correct on the CoE please advise the supervisor on the day of the first exam. The name will then be changed, and it will be printed correctly on the statement of results and on the certificate.