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Greetings from the Principal


Learning a second language in another country is one of the best experiences we can have.

It allows us to grow in so many ways, placing us in new situations, exposing us to different cultures, ideas and future possibilities. It can be an absolutely life-changing experience.

And that is the reason our college is called ‘Impact’.

It is our goal to have a great impact on our students’ lives by assisting them to improve their English language skills and to enable them to undertake exciting new adventures and possibilities in their future lives. We take this investment in our students’ futures very seriously.

It is a real pleasure for all our staff to hear back from Impact students who are now living and working in many different countries, often not their own, and in a vast array of jobs and situations around the world. Some are studying at leading universities and colleges within Australia or other countries and others are travelling around the globe, sometimes even meeting up with other Impact students in their travels. And, all of them are using their English skills on a daily basis. It is most satisfying to know that we have helped them on their way.

So, don’t waste any time. Get ready to make an Impact on your future.

Chris Burgess


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