Impact College is an Award-Winning English School in Melbourne & Brisbane

Impact English College offers fun and practical English language courses to help you change your life. At Impact, we’ve created an “English only” study environment so you can immerse yourself in the language. We will teach you the skills you need to communicate in English with people from all around the world. Let our friendly team of qualified, professional teachers show you how.

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Victorian International Education Awards (VIEA) Winner 

2018, 2016, 2015, 2014 & 2013

2015 VIEA Premier's Award Winner

International Education Provider of the Year

Two City Campuses

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Impact English College

With the English Only policy, our students from over 35 countries quickly make friends from around the world and improve their English even faster than usual. The dynamic atmosphere is generated by students who are passionate to reach their full potential and to secure a great future through improved English language skills.

Make an Impact

Don't just learn a language, make an Impact!
Design the study plan that's right for you.

Here are some examples:

  • English For Life
  • English For Work
  • English For Exams
  • Learn English Fast
  • Become A Barista

Want to travel and meet new people?

Develop your English with our General English classes. Choose from a range of short and long stay courses to improve your overall accuracy and fluency. Meet people from around the world as you practice your English in a safe and friendly classroom setting.

General English + Extreme English

Looking to build your career?

Build your career and join the global business community with our Professional English classes. We teach you the skills and language you need to prepare yourself for the working world and succeed in international business.

General English + Extreme English + Business English

Need to pass an English test?

Set yourself up for success on your IELTS, Cambridge or TOIEC Exam with our Test Preparation courses. We’ll show you the strategies, teach you the skills and give you all the advice you need to achieve the very best results.

extreme English + IELTS/eap or  cambridge fce

Motivated to learn quickly?

Try our range of intensive English classes and challenge yourself. Our teachers will push you to achieve your best in a fast-paced and fun-filled atmosphere. These courses are tough but you will certainly notice the results.

Extreme English + cambridge fce

Looking to work in a café?

Improve your job prospects with our award-winning Barista course. Our Barista teachers will give you the English you need to work in a café and show you how to make the perfect coffee! Get experience working at Impact’s Impresso Café, then try your skills in the real world with our work experience program.

General English + barista/cafÉ English + Barista kickstart