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Impact English College Pty Ltd

Orientation Program

On the first day, you will receive a full briefing on campus life; including information on enrolment into your program of study, study skills, Impact services & facilities, student responsibilities and shopping & recreational activities. A special orientation for homestays will also be provided.


Academic Counselling

Students receive ongoing feedback on their academic progress from their teachers. Student/teacher interviews are held every 5 weeks and student progress reports are provided every 10 weeks. Our Academic team is always available to offer advice on study skills, pathways and further study options.


Multilingual Support

Our Student Advisors are here to assist students with issues related to crosscultural understanding and adjusting to a different way of life. When they visit our Multi Language Counselling Room, students can receive help in several different languages.


Personal Counselling

Our counsellors maintain an open-door policy for students. Confidential counselling and guidance on personal, health and any other issues is available.


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