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General English

General English is a fun, interactive class which prepares you to use English in the real world. At Impact you will learn how to communicate with native English speakers by improving your speaking, listening and pronunciation. Our General English classes cover a range of interesting topics so that you will feel confident in any situation.

  • Dynamic teachers
  • Social and interactive classes
  • Strong speaking and listening focus
  • Great nationality mix 

Extreme English

Extreme is an intensive English course for motivated students. This closed course will prepare you for further study in courses such as IELTS, Cambridge and EAP. Your teachers will push you to develop all area of English and help you reach your goals quickly.

  • Motivated classmates
  • Innovative teachers
  • Intensive English training in all skills
  • Learn new vocabulary every day
  • Learn Exam basics and test your progress
  • Build your speaking and listening ability

Students who successfully complete an Extreme Excel course will be able to move into IELTS, Cambridge or Business courses.


Cambridge FCE & CAE

FCE and CAE are University of Cambridge English exam preparation courses for students who want to use every day English at an advanced level. These closed courses are both challenging and highly rewarding.

Our expert Cambridge teachers will push you to develop all areas of English in under 12 weeks. Learn how to communicate confidently with native speakers on a wide range of topics. Get a detail understanding of high-level English vocabulary and phrases. Produce clear and organised pieces of writing in an appropriate form.

Students who successfully complete Cambridge course receive an internationally recognised English qualification for life. Impact is an authorised Cambridge Exam Preparation and Exam Centre so all exams are held at Impact. 



Impact’s IELTS/EAP course will help you to get the IELTS score you need for higher education and the skills you will need to succeed when you get there. Our IELTS test preparation teachers all have many years teaching English and exam preparation. In this course you will:

  • Improve your overall IELTS score
  • Learn exam strategies for both the general and academic IELTS test
  • Gain high-level reading & writing skills
  • Listen to a variety of English audio and improve your speaking
  • Practice studying in an academic style classroom
  • Prepare for further studies or higher education
  • Obtain a pathway to higher education

Barista/Cafe English

This course includes 20 hours/week of classroom lessons, 3.5 hours basic coffee making course, 6 hours advanced coffee making course, 2 hours of supervised practice sessions, work experience, preparation for job applications & interviews. Upon successful completion of this course, students can enrol in the Barista Kickstart program (3 weeks). See brochure for sample timetable and more information. 

Successful participants will receive:

  • 2 William Angliss TAFE Certificates: ABC of Espresso Coffee and Prepare & Serve Espresso Coffee
  • A Certificate from Impact English College

Business English

Business English you will teach you the skills you need to join the global business community. This course is ideal for those want to work in business in the future. In this course you will:

  • Learn English from qualified and experienced Business English teachers
  • Gain greater confidence in your interpersonal communication skills
  • Learn new vocabulary specific to business
  • Participate in communicative business activities such as meetings, interviews and presentations
  • Learn how to read business documents and write using formal English

The course incorporates practice for both the Cambridge Business English Certificate (BEC) and the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC). Impact is an authorised TOEIC Test Centre.